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Life of an Interior Designer: A look inside my bag.

Life of an Interior Designer: A look inside my bag.

It could just be me, but I am always intrigued to know what's inside other people's bags.  Mainly because I may discover some amazing product that I had no idea about!

On the other hand, people are always intrigued to know why I am always lugging around such a large tote when I am out and about.  Being an interior designer, you get used to carrying around a big tote and having a full car boot as your day can be so varied.  An interior designer can spend their day meeting clients, visiting a site, meeting suppliers, or dealing with installations, so being prepared is key.

I have therefore rounded up my go-to items that are essential to my work day.

An interior designers bag essentials

    1. Tape Measure - I always keep one in my bag and one in my car just in case. Always opt for a good quality sturdy one.
    2. Laser Distance Measure - For the times when I am alone on site and need to take measurements this is a lifesaver! I use the Leica Disto which is great for measuring distances up to 300m.
    3. High Visibility Jacket & Hard Hat - Safety first when visiting construction sites.
    4. Socks - If I am wearing shoes without socks and need to change into my work boots, or if I am visiting a property where I need to remove my shoes.
    5. Work Boots - Normally kept in the boot of my car for when I have to visit construction sites.
    6. Smartphone - Thank god for smartphones! It's a phone, notepad, camera, calculator, calendar, compass and spirit level all in one!
    7. Notepad - A must! As I am constantly having to make notes throughout the day.  
    8. Pens - I keep an array of pens as I am always leaving them behind!
    9. Mints - Or sweets! 
    10. Sunglasses - For the rare occasion when it's sunny in the U.K!
    11. Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No 69.
    12. Business Cards - As I am constantly meeting new people, having my business cards with me is a handy and professional way of passing on my contact details.
    13. Hand gel - Especially during this current pandemic, hand gel is a necessity.
    14. Perfume - A bottle of Clarins Eau Ressourçante is something I have carried for years.  It's light and refreshing and a great spritz for throughout the day.
    15. Paint Chart - I usually carry a selection of charts but the one I carry without fail is my Farrow & Ball.
    16. Water Bottle - I carry this everywhere as sometimes I am out all day and can spend a lot of time in my car, so keeping hydrated is essential.

 So next time you see me with my bag over my shoulder, you’ll know what’s inside!

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