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Smudging or burning sage guide by House of Flora

Good Vibes Only.

Smudging aka burning sage is something I try and do often, mainly because I have a very healthy sage plant in my garden but also due to its cleansing benefits.  The smoke produced changes the ionic composition of the air which is proven to have a direct response on reducing stress levels.  It also disinfects the air and can get rid of any airborne bacteria.  So, if you want to cleanse your high trafficked rooms, or want to get rid of any bad energy here's the basics to smudging.

  1. Open a window or door -this is to let the smoke and unwanted energy out.
  2. Light your sage stick - hold the stick at a 45-degree angle, light it and let it burn for around 20 seconds. Gently blow out the flame and smoke should form.
  3. Walk around your space - walk clockwise around your space paying attention to corners, doorways and hallways.  Let the smoke flow to all these areas and also direct the smoke to your window or door to guide the smoke out.
  4. Take care - have a small bowl with you to let the embers fall into.  Once complete, tap the burning tip into the bowl until its completely out and the smoke has stopped.  Keep it safe until you are ready to use it again. 

You can buy ready made sage sticks or make it yourself.  If you choose to make it yourself, wrap the sage with ribbon or twine, hang it upside down someplace dark and dry for a few days.  Once the leaves are fully dry, your sage stick is ready!

Happy Smudging!!


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