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Declutter Your Home.

Declutter Your Home.




It is so easy for your drawers, cupboards, garage, etc to overflow and get cluttered and the thought of having to organise it can be overwhelming and let's be honest, pretty boring!

Here's why it's so important:

  1. Your home will feel more relaxed and orderly.
  2. Helps you get rid of out of date or unwanted items.
  3. Conscious consumerism.  It can stop you buying duplicate items and if you have things you no longer want or need you can pass them on to charities or family and friends.

Where to start.

Make a note of the tasks and how big or small they are and make sure you schedule sufficient time to do them.  Aim to do it in bitesize pieces so it isn't taking over your day and leaves you feeling motivated to continue the process.  Sorting out clutter can be a fun and cathartic process, so put on your favourite songs, turn the volume up and get to it!

Declutter with House of Flora

Handy tips.

Keep on top of it! At the end of the day, try and make sure your surfaces are clear of any clutter and everything is put back in its proper place, this will make your space ready for the next day.  Every item in your house should have a place for it to go, once that's been determined tidying up will be easier.

Storage boxes or baskets are a great way to keep organised and can look great too!  Labelling them is another way to make sure you are organised and everything is in its proper place.

Set yourself achievable targets, this way you will aways feel motivated and in control of your expectations.  And always remember this formula:

Happiness = Reality – Expectations. 

There is no perfect home and as long as it works for you and your family, your level of happiness won't be compromised.

Happy Cleaning!


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